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Dark Souls 2 community prepares for its annual newcomer co-op event

If, like me, you're someone who has always heard lots about the Dark Souls series but have yet to play them, now is the time to consider dipping a toe into their mysterious waters. The Dark Souls II community is gearing up for the annual Return to Drangelic event, wherein the RPG game's many fans create new characters to help newcomers get started. This time, the Return to Drangelic will be held a month early - that's to make sure it doesn't overlap the Elden Ring release date, which is coming in February. From January 16 - 30, Dark Souls fans plan to start up new playthroughs of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin edition, for the express purpose of jumping into co-op sessions with new players or engaging in some early-game PvP, without all the end-level gear. Old Soulsheads recommend using the Blue Acolyte mod with the Scholar of the First Sin edition of Dark Souls II for the event. The mod, which you can find on Nexus Mods. Blue Acolyte is actually a big collection of community patches and quality of life improvements for Dark Souls II, but for The Return to Drangelic event, it does two important things. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Dark Souls 2 is much better than you remember Dark Souls' narrator lends her voice for a Let's Play channel from former IGN staffers In Dark Souls 2's original story you went to the past and met the Emerald Herald as a kid


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