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Corepatch hotfix

Based on community feedback the Corepatch team has released a small hotfix, which takes care of some of the most prominent issues. If you are having issue with the recent Operation Arrowhead patch or this hotfix, we have enabled "legacy" beta. To download it go to your steam library, click with the right mouse button on Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, select properties. In the properties window select tab "BETAS" and from the dropdown list choose "legacy". After clicking on the Close button Steam will download the previous version of the game. Changelog: - AS50 sound reverted to original - DMR zeroing removed due to community requests - Burst lengths decreased for aircraft cannons - Lee Enfield zeroing reverted to original state - NVG is now usable with western scopes again - Helicopter side gunners firing angles reverted to original - All An-2 variants are now retexturable through hidden selections - GMG and AGS-30 zeroings fixed, no longer include unusable values - "No Owner" RPT messages should no longer appear - All patches are merged into single addon


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