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December Update & Release Notes

VEGA CONFLICT IS UNDERGOING DOWNTIMEWEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1ST @ 10AM PDT (Est. 1.5 hr) Rebels, Our forecasting radar has detected prolonged, severe magnetic activity in select sectors of space. Keres seems to be behind it, but the charged particles interfere with our predictive instruments. Tread lightly as your instruments will likely be affected as well. Grab the Optio hull to use Liberatus tech against them, disrupting opposing systems in battle. SPECTRE OPTIO WARNING: A large magnetic storm is brewing. The magnetically charged sectors feature Liberatus targets dropping plans for the Optio hull. Brave the high energy particles to earn the Lustre Cannon III and Ilos Missile III. Forecasting is predicting the storm on Thursday, December 9th at 3pm PDT. Liberatus Ameliorate targets hold the pieces you need to upgrade your Spectre Optio II-IV. Don’t forget the Hacksaw Vulcan Turret III fragments are waiting for you in the Hone targets! It starts Thursday, December 16th, at 3pm PDT.  Shut down the top Ameliorate to collect the pieces to complete your Spectre Optio Elite! The new Hiberna targets will grant the previously unavailable Spectre Boosed Dissipators Type C. All in Decimation starting December 29th, at 3pm PDT. Once again, we will reenact the Norwalien's narrow escape from a collision with a Red Giant. Join in the Snowball Fight Thursday December 23rd, at 3pm PDT. A Debuffer designated hull is adept at spreading various status effects amongst enemies opening them up for more damage. A Debuffer features stronger defenses at the cost of offensive prowess. Debilitate and Shield Disruption A new Energy weapon has been developed to aid the Optio in combating spawned hulls and other enemies in close proximity. The Lustre Cannon uses ricochet projectiles to damage and debuff multiple enemies. The Ilios Missile uses a single, guided missile to deal lots of damage in a large area. The Ilios was developed as an offensive option for tier 10 Carriers, and can only be equipped to these hulls. Free Fleet repair exploit removed Visual of Warbird is no longer missing in Combat A9 resistance has been changed to 30% to prevent fleets being indestructible


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