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Downtime Release Notes (9/25/19)

VEGA CONFLICT IS UNDERGOING DOWNTIME WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 25TH @ 9PM PDT (EST. 1HR) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3e03452fed48a01412d5f382553e490cd836a1c3.png Rebels, With Tier 8 comes new ships, new defenses, and new weapons. First up is the Umbra Valrayvn hull, which takes one day to build and two hours to repair (Tier 7 tech will not increase the repair time). UMBRA VALRAYVN One notable difference in Tier 8 is how defenses and armors are released. With the first Tier 8 hull for each faction, Defenses for that Faction will be released at the same time. Armors will be released in Q1 2020 Tier 8 Hulls will be available as Blueprint Pieces as Loot Drops. For the COLLUSION event (with potential for an extension in a few future events), Blueprint Pieces for the Valrayvn will also be available through the Prize Store. Please be aware: NPC targets which award the first three Tier 8 hulls can be taken down with Tier 7 Mk5 Fleets, however, it is highly advisable to use Tier 8 ships to earn subsequent Tier 8 hulls. Similar to Tier 7’s Feature Events, a Weapon will be released alongside the hull. Upgrades will change slightly: Feature Event: Hull Release Mobilization: MkII-IV Upgrade Materials as Loot Drops Decimation: MKV-VI Upgrade Materials as Loot Drops No Cores, Parts, or Armaments will be needed to craft the upgrade - only Patterns, Mineral Ore, and Time. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3dbfb84a8456d3521c527724da56f196e7a4f8a3.png COLLATERAL begins October 3rd, launching into Tier 8 with the Umbra Valrayvn, Ablative Carapace, and Explosive Nova Driver. Pyro Zealots I-IV will be available for your Altairian Orators! Earn a top Leaderboard rank by attacking Umbra Onyx targets to earn Shockwave Thonian Armor IV RIs and/or Blood Amber. Earn Valrayvn MKII-IV Upgrade Materials in October’s Mobilization, but if the Valrayvn was missed, don’t miss a second opportunity to grab it! Earn Upgrade Materials, including MKV-VI Valrayvn Patterns. The Wormhole Drive DS-1 makes its first appearance, don’t miss a chance to win it! In this month’s Alliance War comes another chance to win the Pariah Battlecruiser, materials to upgrade it, and the Void Havoc Cannon. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/7cfd731ee297b6e5028f3751a7addb26f04266f9.png The Valrayvn is an extremely fast, extremely powerful hull that utilizes it’s long-range to take enemies down. Kick the Valrayvn into overdrive upon enemies being destroyed within its firing arc, giving it a massive +55% Strafe Speed and +25% Rotation Speed bonus to rapidly reposition itself to take down the next target. It’s passive overdrive, Bloodthirst, deals stacks of damage upon dealing 1,150 damage at MK5. Ablative Carapace is the next generation of Ablative Technology, providing up to 12,040 Health, a 35:175 Damage Threshold to Ablative Recovery ratio, and 10% Devour Recovery. Craft the Blight Version for additional Ablative Recovery. The Nova Driver is an explosive masterpiece, topping out at 1,000 DPS, 2,300m/s Speed, and 2,800-8,000m range. Projectiles detonate with 300m AoE, leaving in a starburst pattern in their wake. Convert them to Blight, Plasma, or Xeno using Elements and level 3 Nova Driver RIs Ship Skins change the look of Tier 8 ships, giving them a brand new paint job. These are one-time use credits planned for both Limited Time Offers and more widely available methods. The Wormhole Drive DS-1 features a 3-sector jump, perfect for Deep Space, allowing for a quick escape or an unexpected attack. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/f3f73cff4d171848ddcafe28814fa9e20531797c.png 5 New Terminus Mine Upgrades Void Nebula Added {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/5029cc49fa8bba08a1776c01e105f83b1970fd4c.png Fixed various minor localization issues


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