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Architect: Spawned Ship Specialist

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/5def1e427f2212c28b19883f91a637d481ed78f7.png VEGA CONFLICT IS UNDERGOING DOWNTIME TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14TH @ 10AM PDT (Est. 1 hr) Rebels, Look forward to the latest in Spectre spawner technology in the September release, including the Architect, three Coadjutant Spawned Ships, the Fulgor Beam, Ternary Shields, and new Weapon Specials. SPECTRE ARCHITECT {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/81d1c7008dfffdc1b367de7a2834145d501aa413.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/ab92eabe27c16791fe2a5b6a7ac1a42d78864499.png Burst into battle on Thursday, September 16th in the SOLAR BURST feature event to earn the Architect, Pyro Coadjutant III, Fulgor Beam I-III, Ternary Shields I-III, and Compressed Rounds III. Upgrade your Architect to MK4 using materials found in the September Mobilization, then claim the Electro Coadjutant III and Shielded Conductors III. Gain the power of the Elite Architect through Decimation. Gain the Kinetic-based Shelling Coadjutant III, then pick up the Nitro Munitions III. Join your Alliance on Wednesday, September 22nd @ 3pm pdt to gain Intel, Solar Shards, and Marauder Tech from a collapsing sector. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/9d792df043a79a08a23f6d7d4378e56e0ee1542f.png The Tier 10 Spawner Specialist has arrived! The Architect features a number of Spawner Slots, stats, and prime shift abilities to support Spawned Ships, including Prime Shift Boosts for speed, DPS, damage resistances, Counter-Chain, and Counter-Ricochet. Its Prime Shift Active features a Chained Stasis Energy projectile to help fend off any swarms of enemies. Three types of Coadjutants, one for each damage type (Explosive, Energy, and Kinetic) will be released over the course of September. When they say the best offense is a good defense, point them to the Coadjutants, which provide both offense AND defense when used strategically. Introducing the Overcharge Beam in Tier 10, the Fulgor Beam ramps up damage the longer it continuously fires. It may also be paired with the Overcharge Beam Capacitor for maximum effectiveness. Gain Prime Shift bonuses in addition to resistance against Explosive, Energy, and Kinetic damage types using the Ternary Shields I-III. New Weapon Specials are here, providing a boost to key stats for each damage type: Explosive, Energy, and Kinetic. Nitro Munitions (Explosive) AoE Radius Increase Spread decrease Ship Damage increase Silver Conductors (Energy) Range increase Health Damage increase Shield Damage decrease Compressed Rounds (Kinetic) Weapon Speed increase Health Damage increase Shield Damage decrease {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3b2b3093c5f23454f4649cffdbc094557f4634d2.png Fixed an issue where Borophene Plates may not be equippable while using Android or iOS. Fixed an issue where Arc, Plexus, & Nerve Overdrives may increase Module health.


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