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Downtime & Release Notes (3/25/20)

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3e03452fed48a01412d5f382553e490cd836a1c3.png VEGA CONFLICT IS UNDERGOING DOWNTIME WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25TH @ 9PM PDT (Est. 1hr) Rebels, This is it! Base updates have arrived, providing new turrets, module levels, and more - find the full details below. Also in this release, expect a new Umbra Fighter, the Wendigo, and Dyad Beam which debuts alongside it. We’re listening to your thoughts on the recent resurgence enhancements and have begun investigating potential changes. There are two main focuses for these changes. The first is to retain the feeling of winning and the second is to resolve base guards, which may require an exceedingly large amount of attacks depending on the amount of guards used. As these details are finalized, additional information will be posted. As previously mentioned, the browser version of VEGA Conflict is wrapping up. This is tentatively slated for the April release. This will let you play on the fly, and you’ll only have to load up KIXEYE.COM. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3dbfb84a8456d3521c527724da56f196e7a4f8a3.png Earn the Umbra Wendigo and Dyad Beam in the INFILTRATION event, starting Thursday, April 4th @ 3PM PDT. Wendigo Mk2-4 Upgrade Materials and Dyad Beam III Fragments are up for grab in the April Mobilization. Upgrade the Wendigo all the way to Mk6 by earning upgrade materials found in Decimation. Reach peak performance by earning Grandmaster Upgrade Materials and Void Binary Torpedo III Fragments in this month’s Alliance War. Next month, look out for the Monolith Carrier! Gear up for Civil War and fight for an all-out PvP war where you can score prizes by earning a top leaderboard rank. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/7cfd731ee297b6e5028f3751a7addb26f04266f9.png Thrive in combat using the Umbra Wendigo, which excels at close-ranged, aggressive encounters. The Dyad Beam is the first Tier 8 beam and uses Energy Damage. Convert these to Blight, Plasma, or Alien damage for additional combat flexibility. The Omni Blade fires at multiple angles of attack, blasting massive close-range energy at the push of a button. The Zettabyte is the first Tier 8 Pharmakon Dreadnought, using its Salvo Stutter Overdrive, Giga-Pulse Overdrive, and hit and run tactics to control the battlefield. Look out for the Nova Missile Turret, which provides explosive damage with AoE. These can be converted to Blight, Plasma, and Alien damage variants. The Atomic Driver Turret is a long-ranged Kinetic Driver, convertible to Blight, Plasma, and Alien damage variants. Resonant Plates provide additional defenses for your base and give a bonus boost to Shield Energy. Step up your base defenses with the Plasma Field, Blight Field, and Xeno Field, which provides Shield Energy, defenses, and damage-type specific resistance. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/f3f73cff4d171848ddcafe28814fa9e20531797c.png Ablative Suppression added to Bridge Module. DPS Bonus added to Modules. Module Upgrades: Bridge, Fleet Bay, Ship Factory, Combat Module, & Hangar Module. Added more space between spawned targets in events, making them easier to select. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/5029cc49fa8bba08a1776c01e105f83b1970fd4c.png Fixed an issue where components display as “Alien” instead of “Xeno” Fixed an issue in the Fleet Manager where a blank line may be added to stats list while switching ships Fixed an issue where Bloodthirst Stacks may not work with Eclipse Driver Fixed an issue where Pharmakon Operator may display “Screen Damage” on Stats List Fixed an issue where Void Binary Torpedo and Marauder Grandmaster XP values were incorrect. Fixed an issue in Co-op battles where Pharmakon ships may take damage while phased.


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