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GM Luxor's Anniversary Event!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8007791/ce9fcba55d9c7688bf81dd03d9dcae9fee48114d.jpg Let's celebrate our Anniversary with GM' Luxor's Event. Play and Win match to get sub-attributes, event Gkash, and a chance to win a character coupon of your choice from Team Slam, West, Black Lightning, Noble, Naughty Kitties. Event Period: 6/1 ~ 6/14 23:59 PDT Mechanics: Missions and Rewards: 1) Play Mission: Conditions Reward Play 30 Matches 10 Sub Atts Play 100 Matches 50 Sub Atts Play 180 Matches 100 Sub Atts 2) Win Mission: Conditions Reward Win 25 Matches 1,000 Event Gkash Win 100 Matches 2,000 Event Gkash + 1 Lv 40 Character Coupon (Choose a coupon from Team Slam, West, Black Lightning, Noble, Naughty Kitties If you complete the Win Missions, please fill-up the application the form below for the rewards. Application form for Win Mission: - FreeStyle 2 Team


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