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The best Napoleon: Total War mods

Let's take a look at some Napoleon: Total War mods. While Empire: Total War is remembered quite fondly, Napoleon: Total War is generally considered the superior version: What it lost in terms of scale - shedding the global map to instead focus on the Euro-centric Napoleonic Wars - it made up for with an improved UI, better technical foundations, and generally fixed most of what was broken in Empire. Napoleon's relative popularity over its older sibling means the mod scene is a bit more robust and active, with plenty of overhauls and smaller mods available to spruce up your game. One thing to note is because the setting and underlying mechanics of Napoleon and Empire are quite similar, many of the mods available are also available for Empire: Total War, you may even see some repeats from our Empire: Total War mods guide. We've tried to avoid this as much as possible, only showcasing duplicate entries when the mod is too important or too big to leave out, like DarthMod's Napoleon version. Otherwise, enjoy this curated list of user modifications for this popular chapter in Total War history. Read the rest of the story...


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