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Community Crunch 314: EVO Event, Community Corner and More!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/d5edb4764d43af07c58d8d665a7a37e9dc931614.jpg Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch! Love is in the air! We know how much you love EVO events, so we're kicking the weekend off with a special EVO event with breeding! Are you looking fjorward to the Fjordhawk Creature Spotlight? Keep your eyes peeled! 👀 We're rounding out this week with a look at some amazing community content from various ARK content creators. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/8e51f795e1bf41c4c6b251f64490b92d626be1b8.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/be8af67db3c63d05cfa58a77e3ef37a1966f2671.jpg There is an ongoing EVO Event until Monday, May 16th. You can find the rates below: *Note that these bonuses are multiplicative of the game's standard 1x rates. Official Servers: 2x XP, Harvesting, Taming, and Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval Small Tribe Servers: 4.5x XP, 4.5x Harvesting, 4.5x Taming, and 4x Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval ARKPocalypse: 5x XP, 5x Harvesting, 5x Taming, and 5x Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval Classic: 6x XP, 6x Harvesting, 6x Taming, and 5x Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/fda81d10ad207588683a3fb23db8194e258daa65.png Fan Art Gallery | Screenshot Gallery | Artist Feedback Form {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/4933c71e5db22da333f3b8e8f3111697e75b1a1e.png Rickzz#3486 (Part 1) "Day 4, planetside Seems I've escaped this galaxy's Belsavis only to end up on its Taris. The teleporter looks to be a one-way affair. Supplies made it through, but everything powered by ""element"" was de-energized. It makes the surface almost uninhabitable. What's left of the locals is concentrated either in the ruins topside, or down here in what they call the Underforest. They seem friendly so far. Finding the settlement was easy, lit up as it was in the dark. I was expecting less than a warm welcome given what I'd learned in orbit but was pleasantly surprised by their curious reaction. The only rules seem to be basic decency, which I can do, and no meat. Even the carnivores here, somehow, don't eat meat. The leader, Magdeline, prepares some kinda special ""kibble"" and it seems to work VERY well. I wonder how it tastes. The eggs are working well enough though, and these people can do a lot with berries. I don't think I'll have to go that route. Besides, it's not like I have better options at present. No one here does." {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/3ac5f030bb651a0d1e211205d713b0cdb8f8429a.png Creator: Rampy If you had 100 days to beat ARK do you think you could? Rampy sets out to answer the question in his latest video. Creator: Viperr Who says you can't raid a base solo? Viperr shows us the way in the latest video of his solo raid series. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/a4a694d355897308d82ca4b9a2ad21dc36180aa7.png Don't forget to feed your pets by @ScutalTheLizard {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/3a0fb800421daa6b7f36bc8b34fa047a80a6eca2.jpg Commission | sewshichan by Nalak-Bel {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/8c1127b6ba5f2ecbf096e67feba67946f18d2e20.jpg Snow Owl by @DNA_3000 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/5eef82349a11a52edb4e1b82ab0e8aecf02712e6.jpg Snow Owl by AvoidableIncidents {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/6bed82cc90c9b51209c26268abb42878acb61e94.jpg Line Art of Jamie by Ares#2032 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/5c9ed397df82a7d036a1c041dfaf1ce6103d5d5c.jpg ARK Titans by @kawarayane {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/68da021e535456796e572f2dff06f456ddf5fa40.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/3f3b4963002ba3a9216004b4d469c80d8013e0fb.png ! Fried#3812 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/b4548484b6328647eccf110fb1fb932854bd0a6b.jpg Starlight#0985 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/276f0edd8d2644cb5681911c34a3abbb53c7fe95.jpg @harry12983476 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/e06403228aa07b5acad8a64365d0b71bce9d2b35.jpg See you next week! Studio Wildcard Twitter: Discord: Reddit: Instagram: Twitch: Steam: Youtube: Facebook:


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