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Elite Dangerous Odyssey: Update 6.01

Greetings Commanders. At approximately 14:30UTC/15:30 BST we will be bringing the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey servers offline in order to accomodate a small patch to address some current issues. Once again, this is Odyssey servers only. Downtime should be no longer than 15 minutes. Updates of note: The bartender will no longer crash your game when you try and sell your goods to them. There is a small chance that the bartender could be a little stubborn...If you encounter this issue again, give one of us a nudge. An issue has been fixed whereby NPC's would no longer use flashlights in the dark making it very hard to see. This fix also applies for Scavengers. An issue has been fixed whereby Commanders were unable to aim down the sight of the Intimidator weapon. An issue has been fixed whereby a crash could sometimes happen during outfitting. Trying to manage a suit loadout from in ship or SRV on a planet surface caused game to immediately crash for some Commanders. Some players experienced a 'Black Adder' disconnect when purchasing and equipping a livery item. Instances of this should now be resolved. An issue has been fixed whereby point defense turrents were failing to destroy hatch breaker limpets. Fixed POI (retrieval) mission progression. Some Commanders were experiencing an issue whereby they couldn't hand in item retrieval missions. These instances are now fixed. 'Hold E to Loot' was proving troublesome for many. We've listened and understood, thereby reverting the action back to being a single button press. An issue has been fixed whereby auto launch would eject ships to outside of mass lock range. An issue has been fixed whereby torches would not be visible in the camera suite, nor on other players in an instance. An issue has been fixed whereby Ship Launched Fighter crew would get a little overconfident with their acknowledgements. An issue has been fixed whereby the Ship AI could disengage super cruise too close to stars. An issue has been fixed whereby ambient occlusion would not render correctly at certain resolutions - including when using FSR. "Balanced" can be selected in the FSR graphics options. Fix for FSR not working with VR HMD virtual flatscreen. Improvements made to general stability. We'll continue on farming your wonderful feedback - it keeps on enabling all teams involved to make those extra strides for Elite Dangerous even longer, so let's keep going! Keep an eye out here on the Forums and across social for further info on more information around updates and more in the coming days and weeks ahead! See you in the black o7


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