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{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8328525/7909f9564cd3361ac998415e9265edb6575911eb.png Y7S1.3 PATCH SIZE Below you will find the download sizes for each platform. Ubisoft Connect: 480 MB Steam: 394 MB Xbox One: 660.60 MB Xbox Series X: 655.26 MB PS4: 551 MB PS5: 480 MB BUG FIXES GAMEPLAY FIXED – Blackbeard mounted shield can block Stun Grenades. FIXED – Defenders gadgets become indestructible after being downed or killed while holding the gadget. FIXED – Gadgets are indestructible after getting pushed while holding the gadget in hands. OPERATORS FIXED – Amaru can't use Garra Hook to get to the top of the left tower of Emerald Plains USER EXPERIENCE FIXED – Operator Portrait is not equipped after purchasing a bundle and pressing the "Equip All" button. FIXED – Crosshair will become a white dot in multiple conditions for Montagne. FIXED – Camera issues during match replay on Emerald Plains.


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