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Patch 1.0e11!

Hey Heroes, Patch 1.0e11 has arrived along with new heroes to recruit! We also got some major balance changes and improvements for you to enjoy! 1.0e11 Patch Notes - February 28th 2018 Heroes: * New Heroes! Zone Scaling: * Monsters per zone now increases by 0.1 every 500 zones (down from 1). * Partial monsters per zone are counted as a chance of an additional monster. Outsiders: * Borb now grows at a rate of 12.5% per level (up from 10%). Ancients: * Kumawakamaru now approaches -8 monsters per zone (down from -100 monsters per zone). Rubies: * There is no longer a limit on the number of ruby clickables per ascension. * Quick Ascension's hero soul reward will no longer grow past zone 1000000. * Adds a 168 hour duration Timelapse purchasable for 50 rubies. * Timelapse now has a minimum gold reward of an average monster farmed at highest zone this ascension. Achievements: * Adds achievements for acquiring 1000, 10000, and 100000 Ancient Souls. * Adds achievements for beating zones 100000, 250000, and 1000000. Mercenaries: * Base rewards for gold quests now have a minimum reward of an average monster farmed at highest zone this ascension. Skills: * Clickstorm now provides a temporary +1 Auto Clicker (+2 when Energized) for its duration (changed from a flat +10 CPS). * Activating a skill while idle will no longer break idle. * Clicks from Clickstorm will still break idle. * Golden Clicks will not benefit from idle gold since it requires clicks which break idle. * Energized skills now have a pink glow on the action bar. * Activating a skill while it is still active will now extend the energized state in addition to resetting the duration. * Skill durations longer than 60 seconds are now described in terms of minutes, hours, and days in the tooltip. * Skill tooltips now list the time remaining on an active skill. Miscellaneous: * Modifier toggles now set the default modifier for a tab: * Holding a modifier key supersedes the toggle but doesn't change it. * The xMAX hero leveling modifier now levels an even 10000 levels (changed from 9999). * Adds a stat for Critical Click Damage to the Stats Panel. * Adds a stat for Auto Clicks Per Second to the Stats Panel. * Adds text to the Ancient tooltip describing the current level purchase modifiers. * Adds text to the Ancient tooltip describing the 'V' modifier which can be used to enter a custom ancient level quantity. * Transcension Ancient Soul counts now also include the current ascension when showing AS to be gained from transcending. * Adds an option to toggle the 'Entering Zone' text. * V+Click leveling now supports a decimal place on the number's base (i.e. 1.1e10). Bugfixes: * Fixes an issue where the language button overlapped the close button in the options menu. * Various bugfixes. For more information, please visit


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