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Nurgle looks like the reason for me to play Total War Warhammer 3

I am, dear reader, a big fan of Nurgle. It's an odd thing to be a fan of. The putrid Chaos faction is quite possibly the most disgusting thing in all of fantasy, but when it comes to Warhammer, disgusting can be cool. Sort of. This week, developer Creative Assembly released a cinematic trailer for upcoming strategy game Total War: Warhammer 3, and it showcased Nurgle in all its puss-packed glory. I must say it's just about the best Nurgle has looked in any video game ever. Creative Assembly, which has form when it comes to making stunning Total War cinematic trailers, has nailed the relentlessness of Nurgle, the sense of inevitable doom as plague and pestilence sweeps across the battlefield. If you don't rot just by looking at what's coming at you, you'll live long enough to see your flesh slip off your bones and your eyes burst out of your head. Like I said, disgusting. Read more


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