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Portal Knights - Legendary Edition is here!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/c71614b70a6c11a515c49fb123f28a7a706136a9.png Portal Knights Legendary Edition offers everything you need to get started in Portal Knights in one single package! Players at home will find worlds to explore at their fingertips: Adventure mode – Choose from five classes including the Rogue and Druid and customise your character with three races to choose from including the mysterious Elves and ferocious Furfolk.. Battle enemies with friends, explore dozens of islands, complete quests, craft new armor and weapons, defeat six challenging bosses, take on three hard mode variants and save Elysia from the Hollow King. Creative Mode – Construct truly awe-inspiring structures with unlimited resources, create custom mini puzzles with traps, triggers and enemies, or make your own racetracks. Continue your adventure in Faynore – Enjoy two new game modes on Elysia’s moon, Faynore as you help the Elves in challenging roguelike rifts, defend the Star Stones for the Furfolk and earn unique rewards including Mythical mounts. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/dc96877c98c45a3a0a0da31be7ef127be4b74e85.jpg In addition to the latest Druids, Furfolk, and Relic Defense and Elves, Rogues, and Rifts expansions the Portal Knights Legendary Edition also includes all content from the following previously released add-ons: Gold Throne Pack Portal Pioneer Pack Box of Fantastic Headwear Box of Grumpy Rings Box of Joyful Rings Forest Animals Box Bibot Box Emoji Box Lobot Box It looks like there's never been a better time to get into Portal Knights or update your collection with some new DLC. Check the Steam store for your local pricing and join the world of Portal Knights today!


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