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Bream Feeder Frenzy Tour: Qualifier 3 Results

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/70ae1b696631706ffe6be0301115e050fbe8187a.png These past few days were filled with heated action and angling frenzy as you did your very best to outperform other anglers in the Qualifying stages of Fishing Planet’s first-ever feeder tournament - the Bream Feeder Frenzy Tour! And now, it’s finally the time to announce the results of the 3rd and final Qualifier and name the Top-20 anglers, who successfully used their last chance to make it to the Semifinal Round on February 29th! 1 CN.YuluoRedF 2 SMF.JackBro94 3 wikkisyah 4 cc13 5 Coveite 6 FP-WP-GELO429 7 SteamingPolak 8 Alexey164 9 zmdbz 10 wttr 11 SMF.Dysfunctional1b13 12 PRO.s_CLUB_TheOdin 13 Foxiii 14 GPBr-zaisilva 15 1059657540 16 Killertro 17 Webfoot 18 SMF.Twitch.tv_Philkool23 19 Lucatoni76 20 PH_reycryss Congratulations to those, who will be soon competing on the vast open waters of Sander Baggersee Lake in Germany! And if you didn’t pass the Qualifiers after all, there’ll be plenty more thrilling Tournaments and Competitions in the future! Tight Lines!


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