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Mighty Carp Tour: Qualifier 3 Results

Mighty Carp Tour: Qualifier 3 Results Hey there, anglers! The 3rd and final Qualifier is officially over and we’re happy to announce the results with the Top 20 finalists who are now qualified to compete in the thrilling Semifinal Round of Mighty Carp Tour! These lucky names are listed below. But if you’re name’s not on the list, there’ll be plenty more thrilling Tournaments and Competitions in the future - just make sure to keep practicing and finesse your skills in the meantime! Tight Lines! 1 rongxd 2 THEjerry 3 1059657540 4 N.A.Y.A-anno20gabluk 5 LGD.KEVINGER 6 BassThumb_TX 7 hkztsurimaster 8 Jolly_Jockey 9 pippo_999 10 InnaShi 11 LTR8_Pikehub 12 BBMANUB 13 siokara 14 N.A.Y.A-akulah01 15 FU_whql 16 LTR8_Boots23amc 17 LTR8_Krasche 18 nM_stepotronic 19 Lobo_53 20 gladiatorek64


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