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Independence Trout Open: Final Results

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/837554cbda27e72fab5f5e14791b6ae627c6524d.png Well, this year’s most epic Trout fishing tournament, the Independence Trout Open is officially over! The Grand Finale was quite a battle of its own, in which 20 best Trout anglers fought for the title of ITO Champion on the waters of lovely Falcon Lake - every Trout angler’s paradise! And finally, we can name this year’s three ITO Champions along with our glorious Top-10, who skillfully handled this challenging competition throughout all of its exciting stages! 1 rongxd 2 pepsi010 3 LPFR.AndHayce 4 rqc88 5 SMF_BigJohn 6 Zi.Po 7 LGD.LaoKK.46461527 8 FU_whql 9 LPFR.Athenix 10 Elvira-Tiger


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