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Welcome Mastering Missions: South America!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/036586970eae85c22b2de24031e2dd04402df1c9.png Hello anglers! Are you ready to test your fishing abilities with new unique missions? Vegetarian Piranha: Camu-Camu Diet Prove to everyone that you are a masterful Piranha hunter! Use Camu-Camu as bait when fishing for all Piranha species in South America ponds. Trophy Bass III: Walker The South American Bass is well-known for its feistiness, as well as for the variety of shapes and colors it can have. If you want to catch a Trophy Bass, then Walker lure is an ideal choise. Good hunting! Trophy Catfish II: Crayfish Jig Bait The Catfish species of South America are so greedy that they can hardly refuse a soft bait. Use Crayfish, but remember that only straight slow retrieve can get you the desired haul. Vampire Hunter: Swimbait Payara and Biara are some of the most evasive freshwater predators. Show off your expert angling skills by catching South American vampires with the Swimbait lure. South American Topwater: Popper Show off your expert angling skills by catching South American predators using Popper lure! One more news for you - rewards for completing all monster missions increased! These new difficult missions will bring your angling abilities to a new level!


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