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Black Friday 2020 Gem Sale!

There’s a chill in the air, And a breeze in the trees, If He Bo went outside, He’d probably freeze So we stay bundled up In our homes, day and night When we want to have fun, We log into SMITE! So get ready to play, Tell your friends to log on, Earn rewards and grab Gems, Before the sale’s gone! Gem Sale: November 20-29: Save up to 33% on Gem Packs! Events: November 20-22: 2x Battle Points for the TMNT Battle Pass! November 23-26: Party Up! Earn 2x Favor, Worshipers, and XP while in a Party! November 27-29: 3x Worshipers! God Pack Sales: Ultimate God Pack Save 67% and unlock all current and future Gods for one, low price! Season Pass 2020 Save 25% while unlocking all the Gods released in Season 7, a Limited Recolor for each, their Voice Pack, their Wave and Clap Emotes, and the Limited Eternal Tormentor Zeus Skin and Loading Screen PLUS 1,000 Gems and the Godslayer Title! Digital Deluxe Edition 2020 Save 35% when you unlock the UGP + Season Pass in one go! November 26-December 3: Steam November 20-30: PlayStation November 20-December 3: Xbox November 22-December 2: Switch (NA) November 26-December 3: Switch (EU) Skin Sales: November 23-29: Save on Exclusive Skins, available in the store! Chest Sales: November 20-30: Pantheon Chest sales will rotate on and off sale November 20-December 1: Voice Pack Chests will be 33% off! November 20-22: Hyperdrive Chest 25% off November 23-26: SMITEtropolis Chest 25% off November 27-30: Crossover Chest 25% off


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