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SWAG: September 13 - 19

In-Game Events and Sales: The 8.8 Bonus Update is LIVE! You can check out the Bonus Update Notes now! Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15! Sunday, September 19 is Talk Like A Pirate Day! You can earn the "A Pirate's Life" Global Emote through First Wins of the Day from September 17 - 20! The Upside Down Arena is still live in SMITE, but not for long! Hop in, and earn those levels for the Stranger Things Battle Pass before it is gone! The International Chest is 50% off September 15 - 23! The Shadow Spirit Chest is 25% off Today! The Pixel Chest is 25% off September 14 - 16! The Pirate's Booty Chest is 25% off September 17 - 20!Reminders: The 8.8 Ceaseless Whirlpool Update is LIVE! You can learn more by reading the Update Notes. We revealed our newest Battle Pass: Cleanliness vs. Godliness! You can learn more in the 8.9 Update Notes! Make sure that you claim the Shadow Howler Hun Batz skin before Thursday, through Prime Gaming!


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