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Patch 0.4.8 Test! (Updated September 11)

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11471984/01459a509dc273d3bb90923b30eeb2e98eed2880.png Updated September 11 Putting soil or blocks on the ground removes grass. The grass will grow back when they are removed. If all crops are destroyed by a raid, the bots will destroy random parts. Fixed an issue in the test where tools thrown on the ground in challenge mode disappeared. Multiple lifts and sledgehammers caused by a previous bug in the test are removed when joining a game. Updated September 7 Fixed a bug in the test where the sledgehammer and lift would disappear if moved with shift-click into a chest. (Players who lost them will get new ones when loading/joining a world.) Reduced the chances that Totebots and Haybots will destroy high durability materials. Hi Mechanics! More important fixes and improvements are on the way! But you can already now help us test them in the latest test branch. Interactive parts from survival are now added to Creative mode with the exception of the Water cannon and the Vacuum pump. These will be added later together with a water update to creative mode that will come soon. We also improved the ragdoll physics a lot to reduce frame drops. So creative traps that push a lot of bots in to a ragdoll state should work much better now! Patch notes: A majority of interactive parts from survival mode are now added to creative mode. All parts in creative mode are now usable in challenge builder. Character ragdolls are synchronized to clients. Fixed character jitter when driving on clients. Optimized character ragdolls. The corn can now be broken by creation collisions. Farmbots react to sounds. Glowsticks now emits more light when held in the hand. Fixed an issue where shapes did not correctly block explosions. Totebots and Haybots will try to destroy blocks and parts with all durability levels. Haybots will try to attack more often where they would otherwise try to chase the player. Explosions can no longer be triggered by character collision. The sawblade can now saw logs welded to the same creation. Increased durability on some stackable items from 1 to 2. Improved block remove interaction. Shift-click to put gas/battery in engine improvement. Added a brightness slider in the display settings. Added a framerate cap selection in the display settings. The handbook nows up in first and third person. Chests show an animation when opened. New effects when hitting trees and burnt trees. The weld tool does no longer show a visualization of removed branches when welding logs. Added names to clothes. Minor warehouse collision optimization. Warehouse elevator sound fixes. Fixed a crash that occurred if a client joined the game while a character was seated. Fixed a bug that caused the fertilizer to not be spent when fertilizing plants. Fixed fertilizer first-person effect placement. Fixed a bug that allowed the lift to be placed on dynamic creations. Fixed a bug that could cause KO-bag icons to get stuck. Fixed a bug that could cause the character to go into T-pose when holding an edible item. Fixed a bug that caused the light to not be updated when the intensity was changed or when painted. Fixed a bug in challenge builder that could cause an extra builder bot to get stuck. Fixed a crash that could happen if a corrupt game file was selected in the menu. Fixed a bug that could cause shapes to levitate after removing the shape it was resting on. Fixed an issue that could cause the sensor setting to be incorrectly updated when edited. Fixed an issue that could cause the timer setting to be incorrectly updated when edited. Fixed an issue that could cause the totebot head setting to be incorrectly updated when edited. Fixed a bug that caused the builder bot hands to be shown in first person when testing a challenge. Fixed an animation issue on the big red farmbot when ragdolled while aiming. Fixed a sync issue with the electric engine when connected to a button or switch. Keep in mind that worlds used on the test branch will not open in the main branch until this update is officially out. Here is how you jump on the test branch to check out the new stuff. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11471984/2262edd2c87b4da8a0b89d835e307c8dae0a3515.png More fixes and improvements coming soon! For all the latest news, follow us on Twitter Facebook


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