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[Server Maintenance] Wednesday May 11, 2022, 21:00 EST

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11526171/b66cd4ad2cbcf26006294e18dc6815d4c1688361.jpg Please be aware that we will be conducting scheduled maintenance on Steam Knight Online Servers and service will be temporarily unavailable. Maintenance time will be as follows: Knight Online Server Time (EST): 21:00 South America (PET): 20:00 Turkey: 4:00 Duration: Approx. 4 hours During this server maintenance; * Ramadan event has been ended. * Juraid Mountain 2x reward event has been extended by 2 weeks. * I Love Knight Online emblem event has started! During the event, Emblem will appear for 24 hours. * Removed EXP loss when winning Juraid Mountain event. * Prayer of Priest (30 uses) PUS item has been added to the game. The item provides 50% attack for 30 minutes and can be purchased for 299 NPoints. * Prayer of Priest item is also available for sale via Aset. When the item is purchased from Aset, it gives +55% attack. You can buy it for 30,000,000 Million coins. (Only for Priest class.) (For 4 weeks) * In order to win the Giga Hammer creature rewards, you must be in the top 500 of the Ladder rankings. (There will be a daily ranking update at 06:00 Turkish time.) * Improvements have been made to speed up loading screen transitions. * The event Jumbo Worm creature has been updated to now give 50 NP to all attacking players. * Adjusted for the excess Magic Bonus value in the Ron Staff Reverse +13 item. * Adjustment has been made regarding the excess MP Bonus value in the Syphioric Reverse item. * The Priest characters' Kill and Assist information has been edited to appear. * Updated to open via PUS Edge browser. (Some users may experience a delay of up to 6-7 seconds during their purchase. This is being checked.) * April Ranking awards were sent to our winners. NTTGame || Knight Online Team


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