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[Server Maintenance] Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 21:00 EST

Please be aware that we will be conducting scheduled maintenance on Steam Knight Online Servers and service will be temporarily unavailable. Maintenance time will be as follows: Knight Online Server Time (EST): 21:00 South America (PET): 20:00 Turkey: 4:00 Patch notes; * Chaos Stone (for Achievement) added to Ronarkland (doesn't spawn any Bosses). * Chaos Stone related achievements has been changed to Grudge Knight achievements. - Moster in Chaos I = Defeat 100 Jersey or Reepers or Knight of Grudgein Ronarkland - Moster in Chaos II = Defeat 200 Durian or Samma or Knight of Grudgein Ronarkland - Moster in Chaos III = Defeat 300 Javana or Barkk or Knight of Grudgein Ronarkland - Moster in Chaos IV = Defeat 400 Query or Raxton or Knight of Grudgein Ronarkland * Today's Lucky Event Ends. * Face Scan no longer available in PUS. * War Hero Wing & Lunar Tattoo are now unavailable. * Akara's Altar is added. * DoT damage related system improvement. * Slide lag improvement. * Item Tool tip UI renewal. * Buff that comes when you make the captcha confirmation will not change it if you have the same type of buff. * Stuck issue has been fixed. * Isiloon returns to respawn point when she got out from her radius. * Dungeon Knight monster added. * Dungeon Knight now uses skill to send players to top level. * Clan creation fee increased 500,000 Noah -> 10,000,000 Noah * AOE debuff skill has been added to bifrost creatures. * Hellfire, Havoc, Enigma, Cruel now uses anti-summon skill. - Debuff skill prevents you from being teleported for 3 minutes. * Hellfire, Havoc, Enigma, Cruel aggro recognition distance increased. * Hellfire, Havoc, Enigma, Cruel returns to respawn point when got out from radius. * Halloween Event – 4 weeks * When the Captcha system is not approved, fishing and mining items have been adjusted so that they will not drop. Duration: Approx. 2 hours Please note that the estimated duration of server maintenance may be less than or greater than the time quoted above and is subject to change without notification. We may also update this announcement as necessary during or after maintenance has concluded. We thank you for your patience during the downtime. NTTGame || Knight Online Team


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