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The best Christmas levels in gaming

Christmas may only come round once a year but it certainly knows how to make life incredibly difficult. Not only does it force you to brave that familiar chill of winter in order to buy a million presents, it imposes the issue of getting all your family members into co-op PC games. The holidays make the perfect time for indulging in a few videogames that will help you get through those cold, lazy days. Luckily, plenty of games have wintery-themed updates just for the holiday season, but let's not disregard all the games that have Christmas levels all year round. Make yourself a warm bevvie, light a fire, and get comfy as we run you through some of the best Christmas-themed levels that PC gaming has to offer - some from PC games present, and others from PC games past. As for the future - that will have to wait for next Christmas. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: AEW had Sans cosplay and ran the Undertale soundtrack on TV, the madmen Undertale creator shares a development update on Deltarune, including new music Undertale fans think Patrick Star could be the voice of Sans


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