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Results Published! - Virtual Election Day for Devs v. Community Livestream

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9948323/829d9ca224737b340ea42e877eacf4b80a7076dd.png Update: The Polls have closed and the results are in! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9948323/cfdac64fb5cd6cfd6b202cb833b666db9006fbdd.png We can certify that SwedishKaiser, Dankuser, Spartacus, Coffee Monster, Acy, Matius, Joseph, and Toastyman, are duly elected to serve as Members of (virtual) Parliament for the Steam constituency. Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to those who didn't make it. We will be in touch with the winners shortly to invite them to the Discord. --- Yesterday's Election Details It's election day for the 'virtual House of Commons', as part of our chain-of-command multiplayer event next week! If you missed the information about this event a few days ago, we're having a group of ordinary HOI players from across the community take part in advising and voting on strategy for the community team (made up of YouTubers and Streamers) via Discord. Click here to see full event info Below is the shortlist of candidates from all the applications we got on Steam. You can find a link to vote at the bottom. There will be eight representatives elected from Steam. The candidate shortlist and their Election Addresses Acy Hi, first of all thanks for the event. I am excited to my bones right now. Secondly, the reason i want to participate is simply because i love everything related to ww2 and games, guess what merges both :) . I have bought the game not so long ago ( before that i thought it would be boring, but here we are ), and in a short time period i mastered the art if i dare to say. I have watched almost all of youtube content of hoi4. Another reason for me to participate to this event is feedbackgaming(dave), and taureor. I love the way those guys play and i think i have some ideas or tactics of the game myself. Finally, i am filming some videos in my home language ( i think there is a lack of turkish content ) and will soon post those to youtube. Dankuser I have 2.3k + hours on HOI4, both in vanilla and just about every mod. Several hundred of those hours have been in competitive MP. I've gotten many (but not all) of the achievements, including Don’t Die for Your Country, Last for a Thousand Years, Crusader Kings, Crusader Kings 2, and I Swear I’m Not a Byzantophile. So if you need a level 10 field marshall, I'm your guy. Also, always remember that: Giraffes are heartless creatures, and that no enemy bomber can reach the Ruhr. Lonewonder I would like to take part because i have played this game ALOT and just wish that I could have fun with this and have the best of times for a game that introduce me to paradox games and all the fun that these games have and meet alot of good people through these games. I would be good because through the countless hours i put into this game and many of games of yours and the tactics are good from the beginnings of learning the game to being very good at the game it would just mean alot to do this. johnkop4 Dear Paradox Games and its fans, The upcoming election is an event of great importance. The community has the ability to elect the new prime minister. Instead of giving your vote on the famous plutocratic youtubers who play HOI4 you can invest it on someone like me. A simple man who has gotten tired of the oligarchy that dominates in every election. I'm the voice of the people and will make a better future for all of us. Sitarik I Sitarik Should be voted for a part in the house of commons due to my extreme lack of intelligence. That was a joke. I should be elected into the house of commons because of my knowledge of democratic Britain and more specifically both the Air and Infantry aspects of it. A big part about being elected is also being respectful which I think is important, while you can disagree, you should not rage about the argument at hand. I Sitarik, should be elected to be apart of the House of commons to help our great leaders determine the best course of action in both assessing and acting on action taken by the imperial German Reich. O Sabotador I am a hoi4 player that just wants to have fun playing the game and sometimes i like to watch more competitive sessions, i have played this game for 900 hours and is one of my favorite games of all time and for sure the most liked of the strategy genre for me. I am from Brazil and all my kinsmans are germans, including me. I think i could help the community set up a nice and fun game that everyone could watch and Germany has been by far the country i played most so i think i understand and know how a one's game as it goes and the best strategies for one's to take at determined moments. The main reason i want to participate on this is, besides making choices and voting to set up a fun and interesting game for everyone to watch, because i think Hoi4 has been and important part of my life and i am sure that i would contribute to the ""Virtual House of Commons""" Fernando Borja Hearts of Iron 4 has been probably my favorite game since I bought it, and since the quarantine started here in Mexico I have started to play more of it and the other paradox games and to take part in any thing that paradox organizes would mean the world to me and the fact that its HOI4 would make it that more special. I probably aren't the best candidate as I am sure that so many people with hundreds more hours in this game will apply but I have played many hours of multiplayer (with strangers as none of my friends own this game) and I am kind of a history buff and do know the mechanics well. Thank-you for the consideration, Fernando Borja Brexdz Hello. I am Brexdz and i would be a good part in this election due to my cooperation. I am taking a law degree and i know a lot about parliament and would like to be on the United Kingdom side please. I am a good leader and i a good listener so i will be good for parliament, thank you for reading. May the odds be with you. Sincerely Brexdz Hurtman11 I would be a good member of the Virtual House of Commons because I am a strong proponent of an aggressive foreign policy. Not only must we be able to gain allies diplomatically but we must also be willing to step up militarily to the growing menace that is Nazi Germany. With me I will vote to never give an inch to Germany and will fight tooth and nail to get an aggressive Prime Minister who will also not give an inch. Toastyman I have extensive hours playing Hearts of Iron 4, around 1,200 at the time of me writing this. I have earn many of the hardest achievements in the game, with my most recent achievement run being with Great Britain and earning the Imperial Federation achievement. I usually play as either France or Britain so this competition would be right up my knowledge of expertise. I also play almost every other paradox strategy game extensively when I am not playing Hearts of Iron. I have plenty of free time and I will be sure to commit all of it to the cause. Put simply, I've spent way too much time in this game and studying World War 2 in general (21th century history major) to not apply. A vote for me is a vote for victory! Pepto I see the dark times ahead, Europe will be under fascist domination without my guidance, I will lead us through the great policy of appeasement! We will lead the Germans into a passive state by letting them reunite their lands, and with this, Europe will remain at peace. I am also ready to be a member of the house after my time being the mayor in a small town in northern England, the national government needs my help and my help exclusively. NatePlaysVG My friends, war is descending upon Europe. With the fascists in Germany and Italy, the communists in Russia, and even the threat of Japan in the east, we need a strong leader who can help us out of these dark times. With your support, I will take part of this Virtual House of Commons, and help give us this leader that I speak of, as well as a representative you can trust who will vote to keep our great nation safe. With 757 hours and growing in HOI4 and many more in other Paradox games (including 867 in EU4), I believe I would be a fine candidate for the job. With my experience in government, now showing to be extensive, I'm sure you can understand how I am very qualified for the position. Some of you may question what my stances are, what policies I will lean towards, or even how aggressive I will be to the fascist or communist threats. In short, I am not a warmonger, but I will not stand down when a threat to our great nation is presented. I will not support the expansion of threats to our nation, but I will do my best to prevent a war if possible. British blood should not be needlessly spilled, but if we allow the threats to our freedom to grow unchecked, we will surely lose more than only blood. My friends, war is descending upon Europe, and only you, with a vote for me, have the chance to stop it. Alexander Riches With over a thousand hours in Hearts of Iron 4 and complete dedication to the title since I pre-ordered it, I believe I would serve wonderfully in this House of Commons. I know how to play the United Kingdom quite well if I do say so myself and it would be a wonderful opportunity to work alongside those that make the community so great. Vote for me and I will ensure all of my policies reflect a strong and prosperous Empire to withstand the test of time. Much love from the eldest dominion; Canada. I look forward to serving King and Country! SojiKat I think I would be a good candidate for the House of Commons because I will keep our country steadfast and unrelenting in the fight to come. I would make decisions for the people, and to let people understand that we are not a nation to be fooled with. We must listen to the people, and if we do not listen to the people. We are not a government for the people and it will be changed if need be. CloverPercival Greetings, I am writing this address as I seek to be elected to the Virtual House of Commons, one of the mains reasons I seek to take part in this election is due to my vast knowledge of the british administration and my ability to apply and assist with my knowledge to the VHoC is immense, I do believe that over everyone else I would be a better option than most due to my past experience and skills with virtual house's of commons and virtual house's of lords and I do believe that I would serve the administration the best with my time in the VHoC. Thank you. Coffee Monster This will be my first ever time participating in a community event and I would love to join and create an amazing in game story for everyone involved. I, at the moment have 3,585 hours in Hearts of Iron 4 though I have limited multiplayer experience I will do my best to stand for my nations ideals and lead, alongside my peers, our nation to ultimate victory over our foes! (Also, I really like to RP) "My fellow countrymen, I fear that the world is moving toward the edge of a second great war. Though peace is preferable than war, forces outside out control will force us into one, if we don't take action we would risk our annihilation via the means our future foes. If you elect me I, Coffee Monster, shall take every action necessary to prepare our nation for war. I understand it is a harrowing thought, war, every single one of us has lost someone or known someone who has lost a loved one in the Great War, the 'War to End all Wars' they called it. We all know that title is false even after the deaths of tens of millions, even before the ink dried on the Treaty of Versailles, man took up arms against man. Peace is a spectacular thing and I understand that many would like to believe it will continue forever more, but the peace that was won back in Nineteen-Eighteen is a fragile one. Already the cracks are showing. We must prepare for war, for it will come for us weather we like it or not. Vote for me Coffee Monster and I shall fight for you in the House of Commons, I shall fight to protect you from foreign aggression, for through Overwhelming Firepower we shall defeat our foes, we shall drown our enemies in bullets, bombs, and shells. Vote for me and I shall do my best to keep your boy in the field alive, for every one of our men's lives is precious. Vote for Coffee Monster the man who will keep our boys in the front safe!" Matius I believe in only three things: democracy, myself, and memes. As two of those are already inseparable parts of this event, that being democracy and a liberal sprinkling of memes, I feel that it is my duty to add the third component into the mix. This is why I'm running for a seat in the House of Virtual Commons - because I'm a selfish bastard, but also because I am a man of ideals, ideals that need to be heard. As a citizen of Poland and a low-key Poland main, I do not believe in the common definition of victory. You don't win when you kill your enemy and take their clay. Rather, victory is achieved when you either die with honour, or live long enough to put on a good show. Victory is when you create a fun and memorable game for the other players, or, in the case of a live event, for the audience - You. But that is no easy task. It requires a careful proportion of healthy competitiveness and a strong gentlemanly spirit from all the people involved. A certain degree of seriousness contrasted by pure, undistilled memery. All of those, when balanced correctly, create fun. In moments when that balance is threatened as a direct cause of tryharding, I elect to make my vote count. Because it is my core belief that nothing, not even the threat of an imminent Sealion, is an excuse for foregoing fun, honour, and the spirit of the good show. And also memes. 'Tis the DNA of the soul, after all. HOLC2000 The only things I have to offer are blood, tears, sweat, and toil. I can help with all I can in this crucial moment, I will give my all and if that's not enough then I will give even more. We have all the odds against us, we are against the code masters, the people that have built this world, but fear not because we will fight them in France, we will fight them in north Africa, in the Atlantic and we will fight them right where it hits them the most. We must win so that we can finally prove to them who the real masters of this game are, the gods who built this world or the people who live every day in it. WHO IS WITH ME? Fisto_16 Hoi 4 is my favourite pc game and I really like this idea about chain of command and that is why I would like to participate.I have spend over 1,200 hours playing this game so I think I could be helpful to the community and to the Virtual House of Commons. I hope we will all have fun watching or participating. Joseph I have ~1,300 hours on HOI4. I've played multiplayer and singleplayer continually since the original release. I know how minor nations mechanics work, and I've played every single minor nation in the game, and know how they can be advantageous to a player. I also know most of the functions of naval combat after Man the Guns DLC, and would love the give the community an edge when defeating the Devs. I haven't been on multiplayer for a while. However, I have always kept up with news regarding the game and players who discover new exploits/meta tactics. I may not be the best player, but I know some things about multiplayer that may be able to help the community destroy the Devs. I hope I am elected to help our HOI4 community, or atleast to watch in the end. Good luck to everyone, and thank you for considering me. BassBoostedEgo I would love the opportunity to serve the HOI Community as it would prove to be a politically intriguing experience. I believe that I would be experienced and balanced in my approach to working with other Virtual Members of Parliament in the struggle globally due to my lengthy gameplay of HOI 4 (over 300 hours), and a wider understanding of military and political conflict. I know that as a community we can achieve significant success and I would be a willing and able candidate to do so. DanielOrr I wish to take part as a member of the House of Commons to aid the United Kingdom in its role as the global peacekeeper and defender of nations which cannot defend themselves against those who would see them conquered. I have studied naval gunnery and tactical history in-depth and promote that in order for the UK to keep her place in the sun, we must grasp new naval technologies fully and prepare, that no cost is too great to defend the world from Tyranny. Potato Ladies and Gentlemen of this green and pleasant land, I come before you today to humbly ask for your support in the forthcoming election to such a Great British institution that is the House of Commons. With the mandate you give me I will be sure to lend my wisdom and support in this most trying time to His Majesty's Government so that we might all prevail against the dastardly Hun. Once again the Kaiser has brought misery to the continent and as upstanding citizens of the British Empire it is our duty to ensure that all German ambitions above their station are curtailed, a resurgent Germany is a threat that cannot be ignored. If you elect me I will advocate for an aggressive policy of containment that leaves no cards off the table when it comes to dealing with the German threat. A vote for me is a vote for the Empire and lasting British security. God Save the King! SimplyJohn I have good experience whit Hearts of Iron, having played it for now over 2100 hours, I have a strong will to lead our team and our country to victory against the Germans and to be a contributor towards a standing democracy in the face of the upcoming world war, I will help guide our brave generals towards a better future for Britain, democracy, and a better world. Vote now, you wont regret it. Revilo_333 Hello good people at paradox ! I would absolutely love to take part in the Virtual House of Commons because Hearts of iron IV is by far my favourite game to play. I'm always looking for more ways to have fun with the game and this seems like a brilliant opportunity to do so. As for my 'qualifications' It's easily my most played game with over 1830 fun filled hours spent blitzing through Belgium and ambling across Africa. I have also just completed a historical campaign as Britain so should to be well suited to the task. I'm a rational thinker but not averse to pulling of a risky encirclement. Thanks for reading my address, Looking forward to smashing the Kaiser and his chums. Spartacus My fellow citizens, in front of us are dire times that will require a lot of sacrifices and tough decisions so we must choose the people that can make us emerge victorious. I am bringing my name to the ballots because I believe I am one of those people. I believe in this nation and I believe that the people understand the need for strong leadership. So I assure you that my stance against the fascists will be tough. NO APPEASEMENT! NO SURRENDER! Vote for a better future! Vote for Spartacus! SwedishKaiser I have over 10k hours on HOI4. doughnuts I am seeking your vote to be an MP because I want to represent you, the distinguished and refined public. As a veteran of HoI III and IV I have seen the horrors that can befall people such as you when the nation is run without regard for the baking industry. As a talking pastry I am passionate for ensuring the rights of all forms of breads, cakes, pies and assorted baked goods are protected during times of war. As an MP I will spend every baking hour fighting for your right to take a break from the blood and tears of war and enjoy a nice relaxing glazed doughnut. Vote for me and I will ensure our nation rises to glory like a rustic loaf of sourdough! How To Vote You can vote for your representative using this google form. You can vote for eight candidates, and the eight with the most votes will be elected. Voting will close at 1400 CEST on Saturday 6th June.


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