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July 2021 Patch 2

Hey everyone, We are releasing another small patch today. The entire change log is as follows: Fixed a crash with physgun's primary fire when a grabbed entity gets removed/dropped during OnPhysgunPickup Disabled model/material/addon unloading/reloading features as it caused severe stability issues for some people running multicore rendering Fixed a crash when particles are attached to the world entity and the map is reloaded Fixed a potential crash with func_clip_vphysics Fixed Lua error with DTree_Node when self populating folders from filesystem end up with 0 files Fixed DComboBox's dropdown not being clickable on modal panels Automatically apply PROPINTER_FIRE_EXPLOSIVE_RESIST to all props that can deal explosive damage to prevent crashes when many explosive props are exploded in a small space Add sv_no_ain_files, defaults to 0, disables forced download of .ain files from the server Potential fix for crashes when util.Decompress (Possibly other places too) reallocates huge chunks of memory Fixed Out of Bounds $frame on render targets crashing the game Fixed hopefully all possible crashes with npc_barnacle when something deletes its internal physics objects and entities Potential fix for a crash in CMatQueuedRenderContext::Bind Fixed a potential material refcount issue when binding materials in CMatQueuedRenderContext Fixed prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod (Sandbox Chair vehicles) forcing FOV to 90 Hammer: Added "Allow physgun" and "toolgun whitelist" keyvalues to func_lod Stop the crosshair color going white if the player's FOV is


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