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UPDATE – MAJOR STABILITY IMPROVEMENTS Hey everyone, We're pleased to announce a new update for Pro Cycling Manager 2016! Don't forget to update your Steam client for access to the multiplayer mode. Changelog Additions Added an offline mode. Added security checks and information on custom databases. Crash Fixes Fixed a crash when creating a profile name with invalid characters (including Russian, Asian characters). Fixed a crash when accessing the loading menu displaying a corrupted save file. Fixed a crash when switching camera in Podium, Podium is now safely accessible. Fixed a crash when using Alt-Tab while in a race. Fixed a crash when leaving the game. Fixed a crash when advancing a year. Fixed a crash on AMD GPUs. Fixed a crash on La Vuelta. Other random crashes have been fixed. Bug Fixes Fixed a blocking bug on ITT/TTT when crossing the finish line without energy. Fixed multiple issues with dropdown menus. Thank you very much!


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