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Best Stardew Valley mods

"> Every other Monday, we give you a reason to dust off one of your old games and dive into its mods with Modder Superior. This time, Craig has carefully tended a list of his favourite mods for Stardew Valley. I’m once again hacking my way through the undergrowth on the hunt for mods. This time it’s Stardew Valley, the game where you begin with a run-down farm and simply try and make it work. If you’re not terribly good at farming, don’t worry. I’m here to help. I’ve been picking games recently where the modders have expanded tools and mechanics in order to craft an ideal version of the game, so a fair few of the mods here focus on quality of life again. Stardew’s modders really have made the farming experience a lot more parsable, meaning your work there can be as automated and as sharply focused as you like. Just a couple of the mods below will make your ground more fertile. (more…)


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