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Version 1.1.39 released as stable

Bugfixes Fixed that rotating belt direction when dragging allowed "stash" the rotate and continue in the original direction. more Fixed that loading a game that was saved during drag building didn't clear the internal drag building state causing blueprint snapping not working properly. more Fixed that LuaGameScript::check_prototype_translations() didn't check technologies. more Fixed that items with data would not stack properly in crafting machine source inventory when recipe requires more than a stack of ingredient. more Fixed that pasting a blueprint over existing train could cause a desync. more Fixed that it was possible to interact with locomotive's fuel slots while out of reach. more Fixed wrong status text when a mining drill drop target is marked for deconstruction. more Fixed wrong mining drill status when a resource is depleted while the mining drill is missing the required fluid. more Fixed the blueprint snap-to-grid reference point being drawn behind entities in some situations. more Scripting LuaEntityPrototype::resource_categories now supports characters. Added on_equipment_inserted and on_equipment_removed events that fire any time any equipment is added/removed from a grid. You can get experimental releases by selecting the 'experimental' beta branch under Factorio's properties in Steam.


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