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What’s up, youtubers! We are back to announce that we are going to hold an open beta to showcase the upcoming fashion channel in Youtubers Life! As you already know, you are going to have a new channel to become an even brighter star. The fashion channel will let you engage with your audiences in new, funnier ways, from directing models on the runway to designing your own clothes to having your very own outfit workshop and unleash your creative side. And, as we have done with previous updates, this one will be free for all Steam Youtubers Life owners. Want to know about this open beta? It will be open to all Youtubers Life players and it will start… TODAY, September 25th, at 4pm CEST. It will last one week, until next Wednesday, October 2nd, at 4 pm CEST. To get access to it, you need to: Select the game on your Steam library Go to Properties > Betas Choose “beta - Public beta” from the drop-down menu Wait for the game to update and, voilà, you are now on your way to become the next fashion icon! We hope you are as excited with the fashion channel as we are. And do not forget to share your feedback with us! You can go to the Fashion Channel subforum to post your thoughts and opinions on the channel, especially if you find any bug! It will help us polish the new channel for you and make Youtubers Life a greater game. Happy youtubing! The U-Play Online Team


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