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Youtubers Life is Now Available in Japanese & Korean!

Dear u-tubers, We are adding 2 new languages to Youtubers Life. Now, you can become a popular YouTuber in both Japanese and Korean! Youtubers Life is still a worldwide phenomenon. New players from all over the globe discover the game every day, looking to experience what becoming a popular Youtuber feels like. We recognized there was a passionate group of Korean and Japanese players supporting us, and to thank them for your dedication, we decided to work on integrating Korean and Japanese localizations into Youtubers Life, as part of our efforts to make the game accessible to as many players as possible. Today's update introduces both languages to the game and all its future content! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/24759264/1cfa6e22c1510ac5f6b5ea44ce95351aece8c4e3.jpg Now, you can become a popular Japanese or Korean Youtuber like Dotty, Sleepground, Hikakin, or Natsuki Hanae! We encourage you to share your thoughts and comments on the Steam forums, where we listen to each and every one of you. Thanks for being a part of this community. The U-Play Online and Raiser Games Teams.


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