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Glorious Gold Galore and Assembly of Awesone Animals

Hello heroes! From Friday to Sunday we will have GLORIOUS GOLD GALORE with five times as much gold for quests, city guard shifts, from the gambler's game of dice and the wheel of fortune, +50% more gold upon collecting from the gold pit in the underworld, and you can find Armoruck if you unlocked it in the pet habitat. In addition, ASSEMBLY OF AWESOME ANIMALS will be active with twice as many fruits from quests and the wheel of fortune, you can feed a pet 9 times a day and premium mounts have a shorter travel duration (thirst subtracted stays the same)! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/12074189/df27b0f6fee42d634cbd58eea40badd01ac0d0e8.png Have a nice weekend!


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