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Update 10.1, Glorious Gold Galore and Days of Doomed Souls

Hello heroes! Here's our UPDATE to v10.1! It will be available worldwide later today! Full list of new features, changes: * {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/12074189/3de45a0a42cd0888fb99df093987390fccd5d6f5.png Moreover, we will have GLORIOUS GOLD GALORE & DAYS OF DOOMED SOULS from Friday to Sunday! Have a nice weekend! * New features: General, apps: new notification if Internet connection is not good Changes: Mushroom dealer: new badge graphic for +20% mushroom sale Fixed bugs: Options: fixed a ToS scrolling bug General: browser version works in private mode of Firefox now Registration: fixed a bug that prevented the game from connecting via "Sign in with Apple" on iOS 15 Scrapbook: fixed the bug that monsters were only added after restarting the game Tavern: Thirst for Adventure of new characters no longer has too many decimal places Pets: fixed a hit points flickering issue when skipping the fight Dungeons: added "Use" context menu entry to several dungeon keys


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