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Toilet Paper for free

Changes for Version 3.32.1117 - Added a new event: For the next 2 weeks you can find toilet paper in Item Campaigns (1 per hour per pet in the campaign, people with less than 10 total pets will find more). You can trade toilet paper for one Pet Token, chocolate, T3 materials or Pet Stones. - Some people are out of Challenges again so I added an Overflow Challenge. This challenge has no cap and you can do it as often as you want. It is like a normal rebirth and you get points depending on how good you have at the end (minimum time 6 hours). With the points you can buy things, similar to challenge points but not limited. It is unlocked after you have defeated your first Planet Eater V4. - Added 2 new pets. They have to do with the current virus around the world and not everyone wants that, so they are hidden by default. You can manually make them visible by typing the right word in the settings page. - Next at for SpaceDim elements should go to the top now if you reach a non unlocked element. - Added a button to set the time for restarting a dungeon to the boss room. D3 dungeons now need only 30 rooms for the boss. - Fixed a few bugs.


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