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Halloween event

Sorry for the late notice for anyone who reads this, but the event started today! For the next 13.5 days you can send your pets into event campaign on collect skulls to trade for a pet token and other things. Here the full changelog: - Added the story chapter for Nyx. Sorry for the long wait! - Added a small halloween event. The event will start on october 24th and will last for 14 days. It needs internet connection to load and after it is loaded an "Graveyard" campaign is added. Here you can find skulls and trade them on the event page for one pet token, pet stones, chocolate or T3 dungeon materials. - Added a Token upgrade for Pumpkin. This will give it 2% * class level extra chance to find chocolate on food camps and doubles its chance to find mighty food. - The patreon boost for T4 patreons is increased a bit depending on the number of patreons. The base reward for a T4 patreon is 2% for divinity, crafting speed and baal power, 3% for pet exp, 10% for free dungeon exp. If there are at least a total of 10 T4 patreons, the reward for each T4 patreon increases by 50%, if there are at least 20 T4 patreons, it increases by another 50% and if there are at least 30 T4 patreons, it increases by another 50%. - If a T5 patreon stays for 6 months, he can now choose a new pet along with its name and ability (has to be reasonable, the pet is free for the patreon and token unlock for others). If a T5 patreon stays for longer than 6 months, the cycle starts from the beginning (second named P.Baal after 7, second challenge perk after 8, second pet after 12). - Added a setting on the premium items page to auto use godly liquids and chakra pills. Added 4 new challenges: God Power Challenge (easy, normal rebirth, earn a set amount of god power, reward is a new pet), Ultimate Gods Challenge (drc type, gods are much stronger than normal, defeat V11- V30 to finish, reward is more baal power from p.baals), Patreon Gods Challenge (ubc type, defeat gods from patreon, patreons might have added some perks or penalties, reward is more pet growth) and One Creation Count Challenge(drc type, also resets gp to 0 and cc to 1, max out your clones, reward is more cc for clones). - Added a toggle for equip forging to show only equip you can forge. - The inventory list shows now the number of equip of the same type you have. - Redrew the god power icon. - Added a god power pet. It gives god power when you feed it and you can unlock it with one of the new challenges. - Added a slight passive bonus for the growing purchase and an additional bonus for every time you buy it. - Water Dungeon Challenge gives now points depending on total damage done instead of summons killed. Seiryuu gives more points, Genbu less than before. - Reduced the cap for CBC, DRC and NDC from 50 to 25. The unique reward for 25 is the same as 50 before to make it a bit easier for newer players. People who completed more of them than the new cap got a time which is fastest time of the challenge * challenges over the new cap on the statistics page. Currently that time does nothing but maybe it gives something in the future. From now on if you do any challenge which is already capped, the time here will also increase. - Beachball bonus is now capped at 200%. That is reached with around 57 million pet stones. The image also gets a cap if someone reaches that. - Bugfixes (offline div gen unlock, spacedim, alert button for rti pets, item camp drops, an exploit, some typos, display bugs and small things) + some bugfixes after that.


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