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Changes for Version 3.66.1257 (2021-09-13)

- Added a way to simulated the infinity towers. With the sim-button left to the start button for starting a tower run you can see an instant result with the selected team. This is only for testing to make it easier to set up your team. No items are used, no experience or other reward is gained. - Added a new runestone boss to improve Gram from Malfat. You can get the runestone drop from the new Patreon God for V32 and you can fight the boss in newbie dungeon if you take 4 runestones with you and have beaten the previous 3 bosses. - Renamed the T4 Mountain equip into Jungle equip. People didn't like the name Mountain for T4 equip so much because it confused some players with the mountain dungeon. - Evolved Aether has now an alternative art from nooby. - Your CC will now be adjusted to the max once you buy more and the setting for that is on. - Fixed a few bugs (offline v4s, typos, some wrong tooltips).


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