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Changes for Version 3.75.1293 (2022-01-16)

- Added 3 new patreon pets: Salamander (from ElChorizo), this is an elemental pet, similar pet to Undine or Gnome. You can unlock it via crafting 30 Glowing Embers. This pet is a supporter for dungeons and has the special ability to regenerate hp to all pets at the beginning of a turn. Wolf (from Kentorax), this pet has an adventurer bonus and you can unlock it with doing 25 UBCs. It has a bonus to item campaigns at base 25% and it can be increased to up to 125% by doing some challenges over their normal limit. Cocoa (from Jenks), this pet has an alchemist bonus and can craft chocolate. You can unlock it with a token and it is relatively easy to evolve. - fixed a few bugs (typos, taco revive, some small things)


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