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10 extremely good ideas for The Sims 5

"> Happy Birthday the ‘The Sims‘ series! You re 20 years old today, which means you re finally old enough to throw an old boot full of soup right at a cop s head, and be totally immune to prosecution (seriously, it s true! If you didn t know about that lil trick, you should try it). You re also old enough, apparently, to have released an unfeasible number of spinoffs, ports, add-ons and DLC packs over the years: I just checked out your wikipedia page to remind myself how many games had been released under the name, and had to have a little shout because I was so surprised. I never really played you much, if I m honest. I had some fun with your original instalment in 2000, but the only thing I remember doing is making a bloke called something like Pete Strongman or Grief Wellington or whatever, who lived in a grey cube just large enough for him to lift weights in 24 hours a day, while occasionally bursting into fits of racking sobs, or thinking about the army. Now I think about it, I basically delivered the definitive roast on incel culture, years ahead of time. Anyway, even though my only experience of the series was unwittingly creating Jordan Peterson s soul 20 years ago, here I come with 10 ideas – one for every two years of your beautiful life – for what form the much-discussed Sims 5 should take. (more…)


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