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Skyrim mod arms the Dragonborn with an ROG gaming keyboard and mouse

From the likes of the bloodthirsty Harkon's Sword to the blinding light of arrows shot from Auriel's Bow, the land of Skyrim is no stranger to absurdly powerful weaponry. However, there's always been one glaring omission from the game's armory: all-powerful RGB. However, thanks to the work of modder ElSopa, the power of your Asus ROG gaming mouse and gaming keyboard are now available to Dovahkiin. Swap out your Staff of Magnus for the ROG Claymore II gaming keyboard and watch your enemies, be they chickens or trolls, fall to the majesty of your premium peripheral. Should someone or something dare to challenge your almighty Aura RGB power, you can handily keep them at bay with the ROG Gladius III Wireless shield. Better still, the only charging required for these wireless peripherals turned woesome pointed instruments of destruction is the electricity of charging into battle. Unfortunately, there's no way to configure the RGB lighting - yet - but this mod is still a sweetroll's worth of absurd fun. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Best gaming monitor deals before Black Friday Best gaming mouse deals as we approach Black Friday Valve's Steam Deck OS leaks onto other portable gaming PCs


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