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A Skyrim modder is bringing weapons from League of Legends to Tamriel

We've all been there. You've loaded into a League of Legends game in the hopes of snapping up some quick LP - your trusty Yasuo pick ready to rip up the rift - but instead of achieving your 0/10 power-spike your nexus explodes, leaving you face-to-face with the defeat screen. You think to yourself that today isn't your day, and look to delve into 'other games', but nothing else can quite scratch that itch. Well, if you happen to have a copy of Skyrim lying about, then you might be in luck. Lime1Light's League of Legends weapon mods have finally made it possible to relive your past glories through the medium of mercilessly mercing Tamriel's beasties. With each mod, your weapon of choice gets added to the player's crafting table at the forge. However, these weapons do require the Ebony Smithing perk before they can be crafted. Yasuo's katana for instance requires two ebony ingots, four leather strips, and, aptly, one pile of salt. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Skyrim turns nine years old this very day This Skyrim mod lets you befriend a vengeful ghost chicken spirit This Skyrim mod adds hugs


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