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The best Civilization games: every Civ game ranked from worst to best

So, you want to know what the best Civilization game is? Sid Meier's classic line of 4X strategy games is quite long in the tooth now, and that's not even counting all of the spin-offs. With a series this old, and a fan base so engaged, players can't help but ask the ultimate question: which Civ game is best? Luckily - considering we're all sitting around waiting for Civilization 7 at the moment - we've not got anything better to do, so we've put together a guide to answer this very question. As you're about to see, before subsequently spitting your coffee over your screen like a sitcom character, we've included the Call to Power games in this list. We've also omitted Beyond Earth and Alpha Centauri, even though the former carries the Civ nomenclature and the latter carries the Meier name. Why? Because Civ games, to us, are about guiding a people from prehistory to the future, journeying through recognisable periods of human history and doing it on Earth. While CtP deviates from that formula slightly, it's still very recognisable as the classic Civ experience. Beyond Earth and Alpha Centauri? Well, their names say it all. Which entries propelled Civ to glory, and which are best left in the past? Join us as we chart the series from its ancient era to the modern day, and rank each of the Civilization games from worst to best. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Civilization 5 leaders - a guide to the best Civ 5 civs Civilization fan creates Civ DnD using hotseat multiplayer Civilization 5 mods - the best Civ 5 mods


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