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Free games: Win an Age of Discovery Starter Pack for Star Trek Online!

Star Trek Online's 15th season left the launch pad recently - on October 9th, to be exact - which means it's now flying around in space, boldly going where no one has gone before. Alright, our bad, we'll try to minimise the cringey Star Trek references where possible. No promises, though. The new season, titled Age of Discovery, brings with it a couple of new customisable ships for you to command, a fresh batch of missions, and plenty of updates that improve both the New Player Experience and streamline several of the MMO's systems. Plenty for all you Trekkies to enjoy, then. This is a game you might want to Klingon to, eh? Ok, we're packing it in... or you could say we're Picard it in. Oh god. What was that?! So sorry. Sorry. Ok, let's get to business - serious faces on everyone. To celebrate the arrival of Age of Discovery, we're giving away 50 Starter Packs that will equip you well for the new adventures. Included in each of them is a Walker-class prototype light exploration cruiser, 12 additional inventory slots, a large (150,000) experience bonus pool, a Discovery-era phaser sniper rifle and phaser stun bolt pistol, and a tardigrade vanity pet Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Classic Star Trek games may be coming to GOG, including Elite Force and Armada The best space games on PC Star Trek Online players remember Christopher Plummer


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