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Inside the cold war raging between Ark: Survival Evolved's mega tribes

Some people use Ark: Survival Evolved as a place to roleplay and relax - a bit bizarre given there are ferocious beasts stomping around, but it's possible. Others view it as a kind of online gladiator arena where they can prove themselves against an increasingly difficult set of obstacles. Ever since Ark first released in Early Access, though, the official PvP servers have been home to a third group of players: the mega tribes. These enormous alpha tribes are vying for dominance over one another across multiple servers and locations. For these individuals, Ark isn't just a survival game, it's an all-out war. Every day there are battles being won and lost with strategy, skill, and subterfuge. To find out more about these conflicts and life inside these mega tribes, I reached out to their members, a task that proved more difficult than expected due to the collective secrecy surrounding them. Many of those I spoke to wanted to remain quiet to avoid exposing tribe secrets or angering anyone higher up in the chain of command. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Ark: Survival Evolved's new Conquest season launches next week Ark: Survival Evolved tool Dododex now lets you compare dino capabilities This Ark: Survival Evolved mod adds more than 500 items for a decadent home base


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