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Riot's 7 new games are a declaration of war against Blizzard

For the past decade Riot Games has been a company trapped in a bubble. Despite having millions of players worldwide, if you don't actively play League of Legends you probably don't care all that much about Riot. But over the course of a single hour last night during its tenth anniversary livestream,

, it's moments like Riot's livestream that indicate Riot's relationship with its players is still in good shape and that people are optimistic about the next ten years of League of Legends. Riot has found a way to make money in multiple markets and not make any particular one feel less important than the other (for now, at least). That's a luxury that Blizzard just doesn't have and, with people looking to protest Blizzcon next month, probably won't have any time soon—if ever again. Though it could be years before Riot's Blizzard-killers are actually released—not to mention whether they're even good—it's clear that the fellow California-based studio is no longer content with quietly operating the world's most popular game anymore. Riot feels like it's evolving into something much bigger, and as Blizzard's spot as PC gaming's most-beloved developer begins to slip, I smell a usurper.


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