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Rocket League players report more problems with Neon Fields arena

Rocket League's Neon Fields map has caused problems for players since it was launched in January 2021. At first, the flashing lights and strobing effects caused some players to report having seizures just from playing in the rave-themed arena. Developer Psyonix issued an update three weeks later, which added an "Effect Intensity" toggle, allowing players to remove the worst of the effects, including disabling the pulsing effects, flashing lights, reduces the brightness and intensity of background lights, and reducing or disabling the moving FX, lights, and background visuals. However, players are still experiencing troubles with the strobing arena. Reddit user 'Kiinqtonq' says that they "suffer with bad eyesight," and Neon Fields "causes major stress on eyes." What's more, the player asks why "disliking" a map doesn't remove it from your playlists. Other players replied to the initial post in agreement, reporting various instances where maps they disliked appear regularly in their games. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Guild Esports is biding time to get "S-tier" expansion right Guild Esports' academy to launch in second quarter of 2021 Rocket League codes: every new cosmetic code


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