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Farming 2.0 Update

This update brings a whole revamp to the farming system along with new items to help you keep your crops in perfect condition as well as other improvements and fixes. Check out the Devblog for detailed information. Upgraded to Unity 2019.3 Added Hose Tool item Added Fluid Switch & Pump item Added Fluid Splitter item Reworked plant growth systems Added plant resiliences Added potato plants Added potato consumable Added plant fiber item Added composter deployable Added fertilizer item Added horse dung item Horses now produce horse dung Added plant genetics Cloning now transfers genetics Added plant crossbreeding Horses now trigger landmines Added new farming related vendors at bandit town and outpost Fixed a number of high profile DOS attack vulnerabilities Fixed drive select button in workshop save UI not working Fixed water mesh in water bucket appearing distorted Fixed being able to mount ladders through windows Fixed large water catcher placement on terrain Fixed large floor spikes placement on terrain Fixed Windmill vane culling Optimized navmesh generation at server startup (now at least 4x faster) Added additional DOS attack preventative measures Added liquid sockets for hoses on Large Water Catcher, Small Water Catcher and Water Barrel Keylocks stackable to 10 Water purifier processes water twice as fast Water purifier stores twice as much water Moved airfield CCTV camera so it's not overlooking recycler Planters are now stackable


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